Passenger Ships

Renaissance Cruises, shipbuilding company founded in 1989, has built eight passenger ships similar to yachts, but intended for the luxury tourism sector. They were all completed between 1989 and 1992 in the shipyards of La Spezia and Carrara.

It is precisely here that our experience as installers on large fire-fighting systems begins, experienced and passionate people in the fire-fighting sector, animated by the intent to operate with cutting-edge industrial and commercial technological concepts.

During all these years, this passion has accompanied and made us grow professionally.Taking advantage of our human resources and technical skills, we are able to operate at 360° in the vast field of firefighting in the naval sector, from the supply, testing and maintenance of portable equipment, to the design, installation, maintenance and testing of fixed systems.

Passenger Ships

Sitemar offers its professional services reaching naval units wherever they are in the world operating in compliance with national safety provisions (flag) and the recommendations of SOLAS and IMO. We are approved as a Service Supplier by all the main international Classification Bodies such as RINA, DNV-GL, ABS, BUREAU VERITAS, LLOYD REGISTER) which periodically subject us to audits for the renewal of certifications.

Below is the list of our services for passenger ships:

  • • supply and installation of Co2, Powder, Water, Foam, FM200, NOVEC1230 fire extinguishers.
  • • supply and installation of fire extinguishing systems of various types such as Co2, Powder, Foam, FM200, NOVEC1230, Water Mist, Sprinkler, Smoke Detection, etc.
  • • supply of breathing apparatus, E.E.B.D., Oxygen and multigas meters.
  • • periodic maintenance and possible repair of any fire-fighting system and apparatus: Co2, Powder, Water, Foam, FM200, NOVEC1230, Water Mist, Smoke Detection, self-contained breathing apparatus, E.E.B.D., Oxygen and multigas meters).
  • • complete control of the operation of fire extinguishing systems, lines-blowing, control of levels, verification of the efficiency of each automatism.
  • • maintenance, refilling, overhaul and testing of fire extinguishers, air cylinders, CO2, nitrogen and mixtures carried out on site in the presence of an officer from the various Classification Societies.
  • • revision of hydraulic accumulators.
  • • ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the self-contained breathing apparatus, EEBD, screw thread connection masks.
  • • foaming function analysis.
  • • air quality analysis of the on-board compressors.
  • • verification of operation and reconditioning of the oxygen and 4x 5x multigas meters.
  • • testing and verification of therapeutic oxygen cylinders.
  • • certification of the works carried out.