Courses and Training

Courses for fire fighters (low, medium and high risk) according to the Legislative Decree no. 81/2008. In case of eligibility, we offer support and assistance to fill out the application and organize the exam.

Low risk4 hours (2 theory + 2 practice)2 hours (practice only)
Medium risk8 hours (5 theory + 3 practice)5 hours (2 theory + 3 practice)
High risk16 hours (12 theory + 4 practice)5 hours (5 theory + 3 practice)***

***For some activities it is also provided the possibility that those in charge of the implementation of fire prevention, firefighting and emergency management measures, can obtain the certificate of technical eligibility by examination directly from the fire brigade.

Below is the list of workplaces for which this eligibility is required:

  • - activities at risk of major accidents;
  • - factories and warehouses of explosives;
  • - thermoelectric power plants;
  • - plants for the extraction of mineral oils and combustible gases;
  • - nuclear plants and laboratories;
  • - indoor storage of combustible materials with an area exceeding 10,000 m2;
  • - commercial activities and/or exhibitions with public areas exceeding 5,000 m2;
  • - airports, railway stations and metros with indoor public areas up to 5,000 m2;
  • - hotels with more than 100 beds;
  • - hospitals, nursing and care homes for the elderly;
  • - schools of all levels with over 300 people present;
  • - offices with over 500 employees;
  • - entertainment venues with more than 100 seats;
  • - buildings of artistic and historical value subject to state supervision according to the Royal Order no. 1564 of 7 November 1942 used as museums, galleries, collections, libraries and archives with public areas exceeding 1,000 m2;
  • - temporary or mobile underground building sites for the construction, maintenance and repair of tunnels, caves, wells and similar works of more than 50m in length;
  • - temporary or mobile building sites where explosives are used.