Military Ships

Daily life on board is not immune to fires, but a professional fire extinguishing system protects key areas. It is precisely for this reason that military ships, today more than ever, must have an operating environment in which the military personnel can concentrate on the most important tasks and can feel safe thanks to a modern fire protection.

In areas particularly at risk of fire, a local protection is increasingly required in addition to or instead of the main fire extinguishing system. For this reason, water, foam, gas or Twin Agent extinguishing systems are used in some areas of the ship.

Our services have a high level of competence and experience in the sector, we operate in full compliance with quality procedures in accordance with domestic (flag) and international Classification Societies such as DNV-GL, RINA, ABS, LR, BUREAU VERITAS, NAV 70, UNI, EN and RINAMIL.

Military Ships

Moreover, our workshop has achieved the "authorized workshop" certification for the most important manufacturing companies of respiratory protection devices such as Spasciani, Dräger, Dpi-Sekur.

Below is the list of our services for military ships:

  • • supply and installation of Co2, Powder, Water, Foam, FM200, NOVEC1230 fire extinguishers.
  • • supply and installation of fire extinguishing systems of various types such as Co2, Powder, Foam, FM200, NOVEC1230, Water Mist, Sprinkler, Smoke Detection, etc.
  • • supply of breathing apparatus, E.E.B.D., Oxygen and multigas meters.
  • • periodic maintenance and possible repair of any fire-fighting system and apparatus: Co2, Powder, Water, Foam, FM200, NOVEC1230, Water Mist, Smoke Detection, self-contained breathing apparatus, E.E.B.D., Oxygen and multigas meters).
  • • complete control of the operation of fire extinguishing systems, lines-blowing, control of levels, verification of the efficiency of each automatism.
  • • maintenance, refilling, overhaul and testing of fire extinguishers, air cylinders, CO2, nitrogen and mixtures carried out on site in the presence of an officer from the various Classification Societies.
  • • revision of hydraulic accumulators.
  • • ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the self-contained breathing apparatus, EEBD, screw thread connection masks.
  • • foaming function analysis.
  • • air quality analysis of the on-board compressors.
  • • verification of operation and reconditioning of the oxygen and 4x 5x multigas meters.
  • • testing and verification of therapeutic oxygen cylinders.
  • • certification of the works carried out.